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About us

Pure Media Asia is a progressive and rapidly expanding internet marketing company that operates throughout Asia. Our head office is located in Wanchai, the heart of Hong Kong. In addition to generic growth elsewhere, we continue to expand across China. 

Our core expertise is Interactive Marketing Services. We function in tandem with various internet-enabled marketing services such as Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertising, Email Direct Marketing (eDM), and Website Development and E-commerce Consulting.  

We understand that a successful business is dependent upon solid and mutually beneficial partnerships with its key service providers. With that in mind, the ultimate measure of our own business success is to do our utmost to increase the revenue and profits of each and every one of our clients. We pride ourselves in offering the most cost-effective online advertising solutions focused on our clients specific target audiences. Our professional marketing techniques are deployed through website alliances which include The Standard, Indiatimes, ELLE China, Yahoo! China, ESPNSTAR, CNET Asia,, and Weekend Weekly

At Pure Media Asia, we have one of the finest content properties of all web service providers. We offer a wide range of mediums such as business, sports, general news and entertainment, to sites that will appeal to all selected market demographics. We are confident that we can help your business achieve a higher level of success in its marketing initiatives. 

Pure Media Asia is an agency that will provide you with the most effective online business exposure. All our presentations are conducted in a clear, straight-forward manner without the use of any incomprehensible tech lingo.